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SIREN : 803 343 433

SIRET : 803 343 433 00022


Julien GEAY

577 Chemin de Fermineau

30130 Carsan



Julien GEAY

12bis Avenue de la Torraca

06190 Roquebrune Cap Martin


Welcome the biggest rusk community in the world !

Because the whole adventure wouldn't have come alive without the help of many people along the way. I can't thank them enough. So here they are, by chronogical order, from the very start to now : 


Melbourne, Australia.

My first and only photography tutor, from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for your time. 

Jonathan Marguet 

Bollene, France.

The one with whom the idea of starting a film company originated. I actually have to say it, the word "Rusk" came from him, and I added the "Solid"... Great work partner.

Vinc & Audrey


Isola 2000, France.

Great couple, great help in terms of editing. Great friends indeed. And Vincent is my favorite actor yet. 

Pierre Simond

La Turbie, France.

My man, work partner and best mate, always there to help and always coming up with ideas to turn every place into a party space. To change the world indeed. Dangerous.


Frederic Segur

Paris, France.

Fredo, Serge, Dédé, a brother from another mother. He entertains me like hell, great source of inspiration. He attempted to open his own video company named "Segur Production". Well known in Le Sentier, Paris. 


Seb & Aurore


Isola 2000, France.

Sweet couple that gives some of the best criticism out there. They feed me too.


Paris, France.

Best share mate ever, great artistique point of view, she helped me out with the logo back then in London. 

Meg Weeks

New York City, U.S.A

She helped me out on many projects in Rio. Patient and an artist on her own, she corrected my English on this website. And my Portuguese too. 

Delphine Perrot

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

My logo designer, and a great help for building the website. She's fantastic. 
Because she never stays in the same place for long, you'll find her here

Carlin Sandor

Vancouver,  Canada.

Sweet canadian friend who helped me along the way, essentially on the "Ron" project. Great person with an awesome set of minds.

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